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School and House Captains

When students are empowered as learners and leaders, actively contributing to both their own education and to whole school initiatives, their self-efficacy is enhanced and they experience significant growth in motivation, wellbeing and achievement.


At the end of every year, School Captains are elected by their peers. All students moving into Grade 6 are eligible to apply for one of the four School Captain positions. Applicants complete a speech to their peers in Grade 4, 5 and 6, who then vote.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Meet regularly with School Leadership and Improvement Teams
  • Lead Student Voice Teams to enact change and influence decision making
  • Represent the school and all the students confidently
  • Generate meaningful discussions on behalf of all students
  • Develop leadership skills and take opportunities to practice
2021 Eva Andronescu Ollie Cooper Annabelle Kennedy Max Mannes
2020 Sydney Anderson Tom Connelly Colby Geister Sam Tassone
2019 Mikael Ale Rhiannon Jack Dustin Madden Cooper Topp
2018 Samuel Aldamiz Sosaia Ale Cooper Milsom Natalie Tabacco
2017 Lily Bruhn Indi Cashin Maddie Petrolo Morgan Vadlja
2016 Ella Burford Maria Petrolo Bethany Hartwig Nunzio Tabacco
2015 Lily Adams Ruby Cashin Angus Cooper Lily Milsom
2014 Casey Adams Hannah Elms Will Forrest Julian Rayner
2013 Vinnie Petrolo Olivia Putland Phyliss Taboacco Jake Talbot
2012 Bronte Brown Oliver Hamilton Zahra Morrish Ryan Woods
2011 Kayla Adams Charlie Cooper Sarah Garlick Campbell Vadlja


House Captains are also elected by their peers at the end of every year. All students entering Grade 6 are able to apply for the House Captain positions. Students complete a speech to their peers in Grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, who then vote.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Lead the house on sports days and special events
  • Motivating team members to be their best
  • Represent the school/team and all the students confidently
  • Generate meaningful discussions in Student Voice Teams
  • Develop leadership skills and take opportunities to practice
YEAR team emblem Dewry Dragons Logo Newton Nuggets Logo McCracken Bulls logo
2021 Zoe Aldamiz and Alessio Mammone Lucas Chiswell and Zoe Howard Pippa Anderson and Eadie Neagle Max Bradshaw and Chase Russell
2020 Max Bell and Charlotte Hawson Meg Knight and Harper Milsom Jude Blundy and Charlie Puleio Addison Bell and Liam Smith
2019 Jelena Capp Dane Wilkie Ned Bottams
Elana Howard
Luca Burford Hunter Stanbrook Danica Bradshaw Rueban Shirnack
2018 Eva Black
Dusty Geister
Declan Belsham
Will Kennedy
Billy Burford
Meg Neagle
Eddie Andronescu Lily Droffelaar
2017 Ethan Norris Kaiden Wilkie Caitlin D'Amico
Ava Zadow
Lachlan Adolph Abby Warn Will Mitchem
Olivia Tassone
2016 Maddison Smart Georgia Symes Zali Doolan
Patrick McWilliams
Lily Neagle
Cy Romeo
Mia Andronescu Angus Droffelaar
2015 Bailey Anderson Sophie Driscoll Chris D'Amico
Paddy Hamilton
Metisse Bennet Ben Rumussen Oskar Faulkhead Jaye Surgey
2014 Jorja Arthur Anthony Cua Isabella Pisconeri Eilish Zappia Claudia Forrest Frank Zaccone Jett Garraway
Shani Robinson
2013 Zoe Driscoll Imogen Vadlja Rebecca D'Amico Paddy Hamilton Kate Bennett Katherine Morey Tera Lambert Jiah Robinson
2012 Lachlan Jaensch Ben Symes Lachlan Knight Aaron Montgomery Angus Forrest Jai Green Lilly Bate Locke Thornton
2011 Caitlin Scott Tahlia Cua Courtney Lush Brandi Mulder Mikele Cirillo Dharma Hawson Grace Albert
Tanner Deckert