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Our Newsletter is extremely informative and is sent home every Friday. It is available through Xuno, email or by clicking on the buttons below to download a pdf copy. 



Xuno is a web based management system designed to do many things for our school. We use it for roll-marking, all contact details, newsletter, notes for excursions, report storage, personalised data tracking etc. Xuno has a host of features designed around communication, helping students progress, and building informative student profiles.


We use the app called Seesaw as part of our continuous reporting. Each classroom teacher posts 3 tasks per term to outline your child’s achievement, area for improvement and a student reflection of their performance against the task.  This is a digital portfolio that the students use to become an active agent of their learning.


We have had lots of rain this week. Thanks to Ella (3V) for taking these photos of the rain drops on the plants at school.
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We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school next Wednesday. Thanks for all of your support during this period of Remote and Flexible
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Remote and Flexible Learning in action this morning. Keep warm today, it is a little chilly❄️
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As part of the Art program, all students in Grade 4 and Grade 6 have entered the Zart Art National Student Art Prize. Selected art from students in Prep to Grade 3 has also been entered. There is a ‘People’s Choice Award’. View the gallery by clicking on this link and vote for art that inspires you… Mrs Lord
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We have gone into another snap lockdown. All information will continue to be sent home via Xuno. The newsletter continues to go out on Friday. Please take the time to read
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