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Your child will receive two written formal reports (mid and end of year) that outlines you child’s achievement of academic progress, effort, behaviour and work habits.


We use the app called Seesaw as part of our continuous reporting. Each classroom teacher posts 3 tasks per term to outline your child’s achievement, area for improvement and a student reflection of their performance against the task.  This is a digital portfolio that the students use to become an active agent of their learning.


Each term we explore key concepts with a focus on students to work collaboratively and think critically about the world around them. Each term our classrooms open up their learning to all parents and share part of the Inquiry that they have been investigating.


The conferences provide a forum for students, teachers and parents to acknowledge student progress and achievement. The 15 minute meeting allows all parties to reflect and share highlights of learning and together articulate learning goals for the future. Having the student, teacher and parent all together at the same time is imperative in ensuring success. These meetings happen in Term 1 and Term 3.


Xuno is a web based management system designed to do many things for our school. We use it for roll-marking, all contact details, newsletter, notes for excursions, report storage, personalised data tracking etc. Xuno has a host of features designed around communication, helping students progress, and building informative student profiles.


Our Newsletter is extremely informative and is sent home every Friday. It is available through Xuno, email or by clicking on the buttons below to download a pdf copy.