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School Council Members

School Council plays an important role at Irymple South Primary School. The Department has developed a range of polices, guidelines  and resources to support existing and prospective school councillors  to understand their roles, responsibilities and school council  processes. To find out more click here.

Executive Officer: Robyn Brooks (DET)
President: Nicholas Sheahan
Vice President: Elizabeth Marwood
School Council Members: Emma Lord (DET)
Jamie Russell (DET)
Nadine McWilliams (DET)
Shannon Allen (DET)
Kate Kehl (Parent)
Anika Walker (Parent)
 Sherrin Madden (Parent)
Selina Carmichael (Parent)
Travis Boulton (Parent)
Linc Howard (Parent)
Michael Sleep (Parent)
Jarrod Wilkie (Parent)
Stacey Solomon (Parent)
Geri Thwaites (Parent)